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Dr. Roxanne enjoys quality time with her family."My family is very dear to my heart. We laugh, we eat, we play and we make memories." - Dr. Roxanne

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Dr. Roxanne Edrington is a doctor of Chiropractic (DC), a clinical nutritionist (CCN), Naturopathic Practitioner, Certified in Functional Medicine, and in Applied Kinesiology. She is a healthy lifestyle coach, public speaker, athlete, author, wife, and mother of two.

American Ninja Warrior 2017

Husband, Eric Santos, MD


Parents, Sister, Children




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Dr. Roxanne combines body composition assessment, biological cellular analysis, applied kinesiology, and clinical nutrition into her practice. She assesses and treats disorders of human function occurring at the cellular and sub-cellular levels.

She is the CEO and author of Ultimate Vitality, LLC; vitality programs designed to enhance health and vitality through balance nutrition and lifestyle choices.

And she wrote the educational book, "Eating On The Go: Traveling Lite." According to Dr. Roxanne, one of the biggest obstacles for most people trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is eating on the go, a habit critical to master! As a society we largely rely on processed fast meals, sacrificing nutrition for ease and accessibility, ignoring the resulting long-term health consequences and serious health issues. Whether traveling, eating at restaurants, or eating in airports, Dr. Roxanne will show you how to make best food choices for your health.


Among her list of credentials, Dr. Roxanne also holds numerous titles in the bodybuilding and athletic world, including Mrs. Texas, Mrs. Louisiana, Mrs. Southern States and Mrs. World Cup. In 2007, she gained the Master’s Figure Champion and Ms. Southern States titles. In 2016, she won the Figure Master’s Physique Championships giving her PRO status.

2016 Masters Pro

Dr. Roxanne was nominated Natural Female Athlete of the Year 1996 & 1997, and was the 24-Hour-Fitness National Triathlon Champion three years in a row, 1999-2001. She ran the Boston Marathon in 2000, and played on “The Houston Energy”, a professional women’s football team, winning the Superbowl in 2000, 2001 and 2002. In 2012, Dr. Roxanne qualified for the 2013 National Championships Triathlon, and in 2015 raced in Ironman Florida and Ironman Texas.

After extensive training and commitment, Dr. Roxanne participated in the 2017 American Ninja Warrior Competition, proving that anyone can be 'Fit at 50'!

American Ninja Warrior
Dr. Roxanne Chiropracto DC


  • Author of book, 'Eating On-the-Go'

  • Author of book, CieAura Weight Management System

  • Medical Advisory Board of CieAura LLC | 2010-2014

  • Board Member of Innovative Alternatives; nonprofit organization on bully-proofing schools, mediation and counseling | 2009-2014

  • Developed “The Ultimate Vitality Program”; designed to enhance health and vitality through balanced nutrition and lifestyle changes

  • Private practice | 1992-present

  • Developed ”First Line Therapy Fitness Program”; bought and distributed by Metagenics, a nutraceutical company


  • Graduate of the Institute of Functional Medicine

  • Board Certified Naturopathic Practitioner

  • Certified Clinical Hematology, Microscopy

  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist

  • Internship: Dr. Robert Rakowski, Houston, Nutrition and Applied Kinesiology | 1999

  • Internship: St. Lukes Hospital Houston, hospital rounds in Neurosurgery/Neurology | 1992

  • Texas Chiropractic School | 1989-1992 | DC

  • Houston Baptist University | 1985-1989 Gymnastic scholarship | BS biology, BA Spanish

  • Texas A & M University | 1984-1985

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