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Your outer body is about to go through a progressive, radical change. But how about your precious inner body? Your emotional self. Your heart and soul. The real you? It is your golden chance to discover:

  • How to create an awesome, upbeat approach, an inspiring mindset

  • How to identify the real you hidden beneath your weight

  • How to love the new slim you...inside and out. This is major!

  • Your GPS to Personal, Professional and Social Success!

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  • $175 for Initial Consultation

  • $60-75 for Follow-Up Consultation


'MY 600 LB. LIFE'

Dr Roxane My 600 lb Life
My 600 lb. life Dr Roxanne
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600 lb life.png


You deserve an active, lively, satisfying life. Even if weight loss success has escaped you, it is achievable now. You can do it! Shed your overweight character. End emotional eating. Replace it with “positivity!” that radiates the soon to be slimmer you.


One thing we know for sure about weight loss and maintaining motion: There is no magic one-size-fits-all solution. Our focus is on you!



You need to appreciate 3 basic perceptions; strengthening, flexibility and stamina. At around 6 weeks post-op with medical approval, you should be inspired to start walking at a rapid pace 3 times per day for 10-minute intervals. So you are not overwhelmed, I do not have you watch your heart rate. I do request you log food, and exercise and hydration levels so you are being responsible for your dedication to getting healthy.

As your confidence starts to build, encourage yourself to walk once per day for 30 minutes and start to include some strength training exercises. I find resistance bands are a great option. As you advance and are showing eagerness for exercise, I use this time to discuss how you are feeling about your achievement so we can add more exercise variety to your routine. Ready for the gym or perhaps water aerobics? I ask during every coaching session how your joints are feeling. Are you having any pain following exercising? Is the exercise plan on point or is it too challenging for your joints? I always stress the significance of staying hydrated since your anatomy has been altered and you have a different rate of absorption. You must not consume sports drinks. The sugar, even in small amounts, can cause metabolic dumping syndrome which can make you brutally sick for an hour or so.

If on track with the exercise targets to date, it may be time to increase workouts to include free weights, biking, or yoga. You may be at a weight standard gym equipment can support. This is the time you will start showing great passion. You have lost weight; you are exercising and feeling strong. You may see you have started to develop loose and sagging skin. This is very normal after weight loss surgery.

You are urged to wear tighter exercise clothing that is wicking, and to use a body gel such as Body Glide to prevent friction irritation to the areas of loose skin. This is also the time you may feel indestructible and start taking on too much too soon. I will reassure you at every opportunity, but also caution you where necessary.

I help you comprehend queues your body is giving you. Are you eating plenty of protein before your workout? Are you getting the proper quantity of calories daily? All of this is fundamental to the long-term success of your end goal. You are learning an entire new way to eat, exercise and live. You have been given a second opportunity at life, and as your coach, it is so satisfying to see you bloom in an excited and healthy person. It is a privilege to be part of the process you began. This journey is nothing to dread.

Dr. Roxanne was featured in the television series My 600-lb Life on TLC. Her purpose was to create a healthy and strict diet for patients after a weight-loss surgery. Specifically, she created a four-stage diet plan with various liquid/food choices for a successful diet implementation. Achieving, maintaining, and excelling in health is as much the result of one’s motivation and drive as it is the expertise of those who help us in our path to health and vitality. Dr. Roxanne is invested in your weight-loss journey! Together with Dr. Roxanne, we will create your health and vitality goals and move forward to a new life, so you can live your life to the fullest!



What We Discuss:

  • Current eating habits

  • Obstacles you are currently facing regarding your food choices, health and lifestyle

  • Medical history and current medications

  • What is your motivation for taking action now?


What We Determine:

  • Personal calorie needs and macronutrient breakdown

  • Personal nutrition & weight goals

  • Program length​

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How to Check In:

  • Zoom or Facetime

  • Phone

  • Text / Email


What We Review:

  • Current weight

  • Food journal since last check-in

  • Positive alternatives to address obstacles faced during the week

What We Determine:

  • Meal plan for upcoming week

  • Strategies for eating out (restaurants, parties, work events, travel,  etc)

Between Meetings:​

  • Prep meals for the week from the approved list of items; starch, protein, dairy, fruits, vegetables

  • Keep journal of your food intake, water, activity and sleep

  • Contact Dr. Roxanne with questions via phone, in-office meeting, or live check-in

​WEIGHT MAINTENANCE | Biweekly Or Monthly Sessions

What We Problem-Solve:

  • Encourage movement and activity through function movements

  • New eating and lifestyle changes

  • Preparing for eating on the go


What We Reinforce:

  • Changing your life style to reach your weight loss goals. You are not alone in this journey to health and vitality. Dr. Roxanne is passionate in helping you through every step of the weight loss process.

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